KL Rubber
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Your Complete Rubber Bands & Recloseable Poly Bags Supplier

Company Profile

KL Rubber is a 100 percent Canadian-owned company with a lengthy history in the field of rubber internationally. Our strength lies in the strategic alliances that we have been able to form with major rubber and plastic manufacturers throughout the world. 

Our rubber and plastic manufacturers are very experienced and have been in the business for a number of generations. They provide us only with the finest quality, eco-friendly, natural rubber products sourced from some of the top Thai rubber tree plantations.

About our rubber products and rubber bands:  

  • 100% natural rubber
  • High elasticity and superb strength
  • Designed for are broad range of applications

About our plastic products and recloseable poly bags:

  • Food grade
  • Made from new material
  • Can be custom designed/printed
  • Designed for a broad range of applications