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Rubber Floor Mats / Beveled Finger Tip Mats

  • Ideal for use in entranceways
  • Widely used by retail stores, grocery stores, gas stations, hotels, and commercial buildings
  • Contain hundreds of flexible rubber finger-brushes for scraping dirt from footwear
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Feature safety beveled edges
  • Stay flexible in cold weather
  • Dirt is retained at the base until disposal
  • Available in 4 sizes to suite type of entrance

Item No.Description/SizeColor Type
KLFT2432Fingertip Mat 24”x32”x1/2”BlackNatural rubber
KLFT3239Fingertip Mat 32”x39”x1/2”BlackNatural rubber
KLFT3672Fingertip Mat 36”x72”x1/2”BlackNatural rubber