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Rubber Floor Mats / Beveled Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • Ideal safety mat for kitchens, restaurants, grocery stores, and factories

Available with Red 25% Nitrile grease/oil resistance – ideal for kitchens

  • Made from natural rubber, Red with 25% Nitrile
  • Provide cushion support and reduce stress on legs and feet
  • Perfect for use in both wet and dry work environments where constant standing is required
  • Beveled edges on all sides for safety
  • Excellent for drainage 

Item No.Description/SizeColor Type
KLAF2035Beveled anti-fatigue Mat 36”x60”x1/2”BlackNatural rubber
KLAF2035NNitrile Beveled anti-fatigue Mat 36”x60”x1/2”Red25% Nitrile